Sarojini Jha Johnson has taught printmaking and foundations
at Ball State University since 1985. She grew up in Ohio and
earned undergraduate degrees in French and drawing from the University of Cincinnati. She received an mfa in printmaking
from Miami University where she studied with Professor Robert Wolfe and began working with animal and plant forms in her prints. Her main medium is color intaglio printmaking, a medium that allows for great creativity and invention in terms of surface and color. Sarojini’s work places natural forms in a fictional context
and is meant to communicate on a human level without previous knowledge of culture or allusions. She has also explored her memories and impressions of India, her country of origin. Animal images such as fish and birds still emerge in this work. Sarojini
also makes artist’s books that present issues such as the effects of climate change on flora and fauna. Artist’s books have allowed this focus on a single theme and have expanded her use of mixed media.